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Promoting Your Purpose
This section assumes that you have a need for the rest of the world to be aware of the purpose you are living. If you would find it helpful to "get the word out" about how you are passionately focusing your energy, then read on.

When we work with a client to create their logo, brochure, advertising, flyers or website, we always begin by asking very poignant and introspective questions. We start by focusing on the most effective way of communicating with their target audience. We often have our clients ask of themselves these four questions from Attracting Perfect Customers: 1. What are the characteristics of my perfect customer? 2. What makes my perfect customer tick? 3. What does my perfect customer expect me to deliver? 4. How can I improve?

The answers to these types of questions will provide a wealth of content, from picturing what message the logo should portray at-a-glance and what tagline it should carry, to the words for the inside of the brochure and the catchy opening phrase for an advertisement. The idea is to reach deep inside of your purpose and deliver content that allows the audience to see who you are and how you offer your unique product or service taylored specifically to them. Be sure to be specific enough so that the audience will have no question why they need to have you share your purpose with them.

From the sales and marketing standpoint, Rivers of Revenue: What to Do When the Money Stops Flowing is a recetly published gem that will show you how to make it easy for people to buy from you. You'll learn how to find out what your buyers are looking for, how they look for it, the tradeoffs they're willing to make, the other approvers involved, the questions they'll ask during their buying process, and the level of performance they expect.

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Interview with the Expert:
Andrea Adler, Holistic

For further inspiration check out these titles:

Spiritual Marketing: A Proven 5-Step Formula for Creating Wealth from the Inside Out, by Joe Vitale and Bob Proctor. One reader comments: Joe successfully weaves marketing techniques and spirituality into a compelling package that leaves you breathless.

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