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Andrea Adler
Founder of the Institute for Holistic PR and Marketing

How would you define your purpose?
My purpose is to help practitioners, artists and small business owners understand that PR and Marketing is an art form. My books and workshops, I have been told, help these populations with the most challenging part of their profession. By integrating the spiritual and practical laws of abundance, these people begin to move through their fear and resistance–they begin to “reach out” in a way that resonates with their own integrity.

How did you evolve into living your purpose?
It was a process that took 30 years to coalesce. At first, I represented holistic practitioners, internet companies, artists, you name it. After several years of promoting these individuals and companies, I began to write books that were specific to the “fringes of society.” Those people who are extremely sensitive, right-brain thinkers. Now, I travel the world presenting workshops, consulting, giving speeches. This year I will start a series of Teacher Training Courses, to teach other’s how to do this work, using this methodology.

How do you promote your purpose?

You will have to read my book, “Creating an Abundant Practice: A Spiritual and Practical Guide for Holistic Practitioners and Healing Centers” and take my workshop to find that out, as there are numerous ways in which I promote my purpose.

How do you sustain your purpose?
By meditating and having a very clear vision of my future.

How do you know you are living your purpose?
By waking up every morning excited to start my day and going to sleep each night exhausted from putting my heart and soul into my work, into my family and into my close relationships. By serving the world the best way I can and knowing I have helped many people get clear about their purpose.

How does it feel to be living your purpose?
It feels magnificent.

Do you have a product or service related to your purpose?

I have books, CD’s, workshops, consultations and present speeches.

What juicy gem of tangible advice or tool can you offer the reader that will help them to take the next step toward fully living their purpose?
When we understand the mystique and challange of promoting and marketing our business, when we integrate the spiritual and practical laws of abundance, create a sense of wholeness, present stimulating marketing materials, cultivate strategic alliances, understand the power of the web, come from a place of integrity and fearlessness, and walk into the vision of our soul's calling—how can we not fully walk into our purpose?

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Can you suggest related product's or service's links to help others be more fulfilled by reading your interview?
The services and products I recommend are on my website, and listed in my books.

Any additional information you would like to be published in this article?
May everyone reading this page become fearless, may you move beyond your biggest fears and take a leap of faith, knowing that the net will be there to catch you.

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