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Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."— Goethe


Once you have defined your purpose, it is time to create who you are meant to be. Each tributary along the river of life will have its specific currents toward fulfilment. Perhaps you will need to take classes, participate in an apprenticeship, find a mentor or read books.

Creating your purpose is the most exciting project you will ever undertake. Your purpose may even be multi-faceted. Allow yourself to explore and let your imagination go wild. Then refine your ideas to bring them to life, starting with the easiest first and the more complex bits in their own perfect time.

Whatever your purpose, whether it be the decision to nurture a family, publish a book, pursue a career path, turn a hobby into an enterprise, a philanthropical endeavor you would like to get involved in, or...? the most common obstacle to living this purpose is of your own making, your thoughts and feelings about deserving to live the life you desire.

Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. calls this "Monkey Mind" in her enlightening book entitled The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment.

Royce Morales, of PLA, describes this as the influence of the fearful "Lower Self."

Do whatever you have to do, hire a coach to help you through the fears and be courageous. Living Your Purpose will be as rewarding as you are willing to allow it to be.


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