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Tina Hoover
Master Cook and Owner of Seventh Acre Farm

Tina's love for cooking began at an early age while helping her grandparents preserve their summer's harvest and sharing the fruits of their labor with friends and neighbors. Her German-born mother also had an influence, introducing Tina to an eclectic mix of European fares when they traveled back home to visit relatives. She also managed a small Italian restaurant and enjoys cooking for large numbers.

A Table of Grace was a result of trying to organize her stacks of "too many cooking magazines to count" and a collection of over 100 cookbooks. She tried to find some type of organizer that would accomodate all types of recipes; cards, magazine clippings and other odd shapes, computer printouts and a place to write new recipes. Unable to find one to suit these needs, she decided to create one.
Her fond memories of life on the farm took her and her husband to the outskirts of Kansas City where they live in a 100 year old farmhouse with their three boys, two horses, three dogs and five cats.

This beautifully illustrated recipe organizer has a place for all types of recipes; recipe cards, magazine clippings and other odd shapes, computer printouts and illustrated pages for writing new recipes. Plus added features such as: Favorite Recipe Locators, Stocking a Pantry Ideas, Basic Herb Uses, Grocery List, Measurements & Equivalents and a Cooking Journal. The recipe card protector pages are archival safe for any heirloom recipes.



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