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“You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live.
No other lesson is required of Man.”

The Book of Mirdad"


Interview with An Expert

Maria Elena Boekemeyer and Stephen Linsteadt

Founders of and

How would you define your purpose?
Our purpose in life is broken down into five categories. Our first and primary purpose is spirituality. Our health is our second priority, followed by family, work, and service to others.

We view our main purpose in life as an opportunity to make a search for self and God realization. If we consider God to be love, then the essence of who we are is also love. Therefore, we try to cultivate that love and share it with those around us. From this perspective, whatever our occupation or daily duties, we strive to be a beacon of that love for others. We have tried to surround ourselves in that atmosphere of love and spirituality and to make that our focus in life. As much as possible, we avoid those distractions that take us away from our goal and cultivate those things that bring us closer. This is the basic recipe that we follow in everything we do.

Our second priority is our health, because without a healthy mind and body, everything else we attempt to do in life is jeopardized. We strive to be an example of living a healthy life-style for our children and to teach them good habits that will benefit them and their children for the rest of their lives.

Attending to our children’s needs, as well as other family members, is our next highest priority. Love, harmony and open communication amongst family provides the foundation from where we learn to interact with others.

In order to improve family relationships and support personal growth, we both independently became interested in Holographic Repatterning. This process provides a practical tool to help bring clarity and a higher level of love and coherence around the obstacles in life that invariably arise. This helps us maintain a positive, loving, and forgiving attitude. We also found that we could use Holographic Repatterning to help others gain a more positive resonance around their personal challenges. We soon discovered that helping people in this way lent itself to an occupation that was more conducive to the personal atmosphere we were trying to obtain.

In time, we let go of our corporate employment and devoted ourselves to becoming naturopathic doctors so we could help others achieve optimal health and well-being.
We founded an integrative clinic in Baja, California that offered a holistic approach to degenerative illnesses. This including bioresonance technology from Germany combined with functional medicine remedies and pharmaceutical-grade micro-nutrients. This approach relies on the body’s self-regulating mechanisms to bring about a “self” healing. Once emotional constrictions are released, bio-energetic communication pathways are restored, and optimal micro-nutrients are re-introduced, the cells then have everything they need to function at optimum levels.

One generally knows they are living their purpose when they can’t imagine doing anything else. It is what gives you joy and peace of mind.

Stephen Linsteadt and Maria Elena Boekemeyer can be contacted directly at Natural Healing House.

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