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Jude Hobbs

Permaculturist, Landscape Designer, Teacher

How would you define your purpose?
To guide people to live in a more self-reliant manner. Permaculture is part of that. Sustainability is about working with local farmers and processors in our community. When I was a board member of Lane County Food Coalition, we created a directory of locally owned farmers, restuaranteers and processors. The goal is to educate consumers to support local vendors.

I also instruct classes in Sustainable Self-Reliant Living. Some of the issues we discuss include: how to grown your own food, how to collect water, ideas for money management using invisible structures of economics and permaculture in school structures so that the children are more apt to eat vegetables if they have grown them.

How did you evolve into living your purpose?
I started gardening in my back yard...through loving to work with plants...worked in Psychology/Sociology doing Horticulture Therapy in mental health. Once I burnt out on working with chronically mental illness, I decided to focus on the healthy aspects of gardening.

How do you promote your purpose?

I teach classes in master gardening through the Extension Services at the University of Oregon. I worked in garden centers and nurseries for experience and got known in the community. When I placed an ad as a Landscaper and Ornamental Horticulturist, I assumed the name of Cascadia Permaculture.

How do you sustain your purpose?
I teach at the Community College now. One of the organizers of a local conference in Eugene, Oregon, called Sustainable Business Symposium, came up to me and told me that the Symposium happened because of my style of teaching being all about empowerment.

How do you know you are living your purpose?
I feel empowered by helping people to feel empowered.

How does it feel to be living your purpose?
It energizes me to share my understanding of the life cycle by perpetuating the knowlege and encouraged when it grows through the masses.

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