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Cathy Karol-Crowther
Artist, Animator, Teacher

How would you define your purpose?
To do the greatest artwork I can-be it film, paintings, drawing or graphics, and to be a wonderful mother.

How did you evolve into living your purpose?
I have wanted to be an artist forever. It has always felt good to use my hand with pencil and to draw, because I have talent, I always knew it was my job.

How do you promote your purpose?

Film festivals and teaching, also I am a member of the Motion Picture Academy. I travel in a circle of friends in the industry and when there is a project, we draw from that circle to get the job done. I have relationships that I have been developing over the past 30 years.

How do you sustain your purpose?
Teaching brings income, as well as inspiration. Continuing to make my own films feeds my inner drive, while I work on films for others to make my living.

How do you know you are living your purpose?
I know that I have a goal, I know that I have something to say with the animation tools and it is validated by respect from others.

How does it feel to be living your purpose?
Great! Very happy so far!

Do you have a product or service related to your purpose?

My teaching is my service and I have 7 films in my body of work.

What juicy gem of tangible advice or tool can you offer the reader that will help them to take the next step toward fully living their purpose?
Be sure you have enough to eat, first, then jump into what you are interested in being—be the best at whatever you are doing and always continue to learn.

Can you suggest related product's or service's links to help others be more fulfilled by reading your interview?
See books to the right:
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Any additional information you would like to be published in this article?
Good Luck! The goal doesn't necessarily end up being what it started as. It is okay to allow the path to unfold along the way. Live inexpensively to allow your art to have its freedom.

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